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Mind Home Tie
Slim manager in all 20s

100% reliable deferred payment system

Companies that require advance payment in the name of deposit, travel expenses, reservation fees, etc. are 99% fraudulent.

In principle, our business trip massage business trip home tie business trip massage company Mind Home Tie pays directly to the manager after arrival.

Let go of your worries and experience the mind business trip home tie and true relaxation.

You can heal your body and mind with amazing treatments provided by the warm and friendly staff from local Thai massage schools.

Our staff do their best to ensure that you can enjoy a real rest.

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Course and guidance

Ultimate comfort that never changes

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Course and guidance


Ultimate comfort that never changes

출장안마 마인드홈타이 이용 안내

-Anseong, Anjung, Poseung, Pyeongtaek, Jije, Godeok, Songtan, Jinwi, Osan, Segyo, Byeongjeom, Dongtan, 2 Dongtan,

-Bongdam, Balan, Hyangnam, Paltan, Namyang, Hwaseong, Suwon, Yeongtong, Gwanggyo, Suji, Shingal, Giheung, and Yongin visit all areas within 30 minutes.

-Slim manager in all 20s
-Principle of deferred payment after arrival at the manager (card payment and account transfer are possible)
-Friendly counseling and quick visits are promised.

Thai massage (dry)
-Thai traditional sports meridian massage will relieve the muscles tired from overwork and stress. Relaxes tight muscles.
90 minutes 70,000 won
120 minutes 90,000 won

Aromatherapy (oil)
-Using high-quality aroma oil, it gently and gently relaxes the muscles of the whole body and is good for skin moisturizing and a good night's sleep.
90 minutes 80,000 won
120 minutes 100,000 won

Special care
-Combining Thai massage and aroma massage to awaken the five senses with the best synergy effect, and is good for relieving fatigue and stress.
Thai + Aroma 120 minutes 100,000 won

VIP care
-You can get a relaxing sleep after receiving massage using high-quality aroma oil and intensive foot care.
Aroma + Foot Care 150 minutes 130,000 won

Osan Business Trip Massage Dongtan Business Trip Massage Suwon Business Trip Massage Mind Business Trip Home Thai
We provide the best service to our customers with traditional Thai massage techniques, secrets, and natural products.

Combined with Thai massage or aromatherapy massage, we provide relaxation and healing of mind and body, and instill energy of life.

Songtan Business Trip Massage Byeongjeom Business Trip Massage Hwaseong Business Trip Massage Mind Business Trip Home Thai.

Your satisfaction is the best compliment.

Thank you.

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서울인천경기출장 마인드홈타이의 방문 가능 지역

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종로구 중구 용산구 성동구 광진구 동대문구 중랑구 성북구 강북구 도봉구 노원구 은평구 서대문구 마포구 양천구 강서구 구로구 금천구 영등포구 동작구 관악구 서초구 강남구 송파구 강동구

인천 중구 동구 미추홀구 연수구 남동구 부평구 계양구 서구 강화군 옹진군 월미도 주안 송도 부평 동암 계양 청라 영종 검단 강화

수원 성남 의정부 안양 부천 광명 평택 동두천 안산 고양 과천 구리 남양주 오산 시흥 군포 의왕 하남 용인 파주 이천 안성 김포 화성 경기광주 양주 포천 여주 연천 가평 양평

자세한 상담은 카톡, 전화 문의 주시면 친절히 안내드리겠습니다.

마인드홈타이는 진심으로 고객님을 생각하고 각 고객님의 개별적인 요구사항을 충분히 반영해 드리려 노력합니다.
저희와 함께 시간을 보내는 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사 드립니다.

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